Spring Statement Speech Sorter

Spring Statement Speech Sorter

Perhaps the most underused function in slideware is the ability to see all your slides at once in thumbnail.

Known variously as the slide sorter view (Powerpoint), light table (Keynote) or grid view (Google Slides).

It's where you can truly gauge the flow of your precious presentation. Measure how the audience will feel as it develops. Judge what your unfolding story should lead them to.

Lengthy slidedecks have long been a selling no-no.

Seeing them all together lets us apply our scythe.

Amend the running order.

Mix-up the successive visual methods deployed.

Pack real punch.

The man with the slickest managed personal pr in Britain is the money man. Chancellor Rishi Sunak vying for future leadership with his carefully crafted imagery. Twitter being his channel of choice. Several posts give us useful sales tips.

This week sees his latest 'Spring Statement' into the nation's finances. And with it, another chance to show him diligently preparing.

His Westminster set-piece speech to Parliament looks like it runs to twenty-four pages. Curated to two rows of twelve in the pics.

Even the light blue folder whence they came surely has some meaning.

In the (staged, surely) photo up top, he displays the smug happiness we all feel when our work is ready, rehearsal running to plan, relishing imminent delivery.

It's a neat reminder of how we ought approach every presentation.

And today, there's another steer from this piece of best-practice.

My work with salesteams adapting their video game to be a significant distinguishing feature, leads me presently to often take specific elements of their prospects' buying experience which suit video better than the alternatives, and make them sparkle.

This 'all slides' view can also apply snugly to your ideal video call plan.

Componentry should be established ahead of time.

Composition should switch between information provision, interaction, and decision.

Completion should secure how progress is cemented.

Are you like the Chancellor, or are you taking a chance?

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