Start With End In Mind

I took time out from my normal day-job for a meeting on a fresh endeavour yesterday.  It was a strange forum in the sense that depending on what transpired, I was potentially both selling and buying.

I hadn’t convened the meeting, so I didn’t “own” it, but I had made a point of circulating some preparatory notes and my preliminary expectations.  After the initial round of self-intros, the chairman dived in with a description of what he was about.  I understood what he wanted from the meeting.

Yet as I stayed deliberately quiet, I was surprised at how the forum was progressing.  I think we veered away from the original aim (determination of continuation worthiness) and began to excitedly plan for world domination.  In retrospect, I’m not sure this was wise.

I think such speculative discussions should plainly state from the off what each participant aims to achieve. Yes, I know politicking can come into play, but at least you then have the ability to pause for assessment.  In this case, I was glad I got across my framework for working out whether this project was for me and I reckon the old adage stands firm; you’re more likely to achieve a positive meeting outcome having set it out clearly at the start.

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