Storm Shadow Missile

The world continues to be imperilled by the megalomaniacal looting warmonger squatting in the Kremlin.

With the Springtime counter-offensive imminent, yesterday the UK freshly pledged 200-mile range cruise missiles. The longest yet at the invaded army's disposal. Gifted Ukraine as "a calibrated and proportionate response to Russia’s escalations ... [giving] Ukraine the best chance to defend themselves against Russia’s continued brutality".

Above is London broadsheet The Telegraph's graphical explainer.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the scale and materiel of conflict, the syntax of military strategy continues to occupy key terms and concepts in business thinking, planning and implementation.

That this seeps into selling ought be no surprise.

From Sun Tzu all the way to the present-day aggression - and spectacular, brave defiance - on the East European Plain.

One battlefield metaphor did strike (yes) me as pertinent with this latest move.

As with most if not all of these, you can make it comfortably without confusing weaponry with ideas.

The point is that our 'target' can have a significant amount of 'concrete' and 'soil' around it.

Firstly, what is such target?

Secondly, what (and how many) layers of such defence/protection/distance might that or who you wish to engage with have between them and you?

Thirdly, how different are the separate methods required to get through the outer, and then into the inner, layers?

Fourthly, what is the ultimate 'payload' and what's its desired purpose/impact?

Note, you'll likely fully extend the metaphor.

What is your 'sensor detector', and what is it sensing?

What 'precursor charge' have you and what 'surface fragmentation' do you seek?

How do you judge when to release the 'follow-through bomb'?

Where precisely must you 'detonate' said bomb within the 'target structure'?

Deploy your own Storm Shadow in the noble pursuit of gaining (back) territory, repelling the duplicitously avaricious, and making your own significant step forward.

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