Storytellling GROWTH

current Reality
Opinion (or Obstacle)
Will (or Way forward)

GROW is an 80s’ coined acronym (backronym, you suspect) from the mentoring trade. Above, how compilers Mind Tools define it.

I wonder how we might adapt it, remix slightly, for our solution selling purposes today?

I’ve blogged many times down the years on harnessing the power of storytelling in Sales.

Could this be the basis for another way of relaying our proven treasures to prospects in an engaging and memorable manner?

Goal is pretty self-explanatory. The aim of the project from the outset. What our now clients elsewhere sought to achieve.

Reality (we can lose the distracting tense descriptor) is neatly suited for wallowing in the issue as manifesting itself at that dark time.

Opinion can be separated from Obstacle. Where did everyone involved sit on the scale of embrace or perspective of their environment back then.

Way forward can supplant Will. The direction of travel chosen, and why.

Now let’s add.

Trouble can refer to the Obstacles encountered. After all, nothing is ever plain sailing. And any Turbulence (another alternative ‘T’ perhaps) previously met can be smoothed with that experience for new customers since.

Heroics for the final letter? Who made it happen and what impact did the project bring. If such ‘H’ is too bold or hyperbolic for your setting, then how about History? The legacy and results gratefully borne.

So now, we have GROWTH.

Another mnemonic template for storytelling as well as a useful internal 45min training session for our new zoom order, you fancy.

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