Subvariants At Play

Coronavirus. Remember that?

Even Lamestream Media has moved on. Possibly because now everyone, including those sinister clowns of Build Back Betterness such as the WHO and WEF, accepts the plausibility of the Lab Leak Theory.

Yes, the only city in the world with a laboratory specifically tasked with investigating whether the humble coronavirus could cause a global pandemic, strangely saw the emergence of what caused mass lockdowns.

As investigative authority Matt Ridley details, Wuhan likely bore no coincidence.

I have before blogged on the questionable hierarchy of viral impact labelling.

Sadly I now witness more cry wolf craziness; the subvariant.

South Africa's alarm bell Angelique Coetzee was right back last November. Yet there are those that mystifyingly cling to desperate measures of control.

Centaurus is born.

The Greek mythological half-man half-horse presumably invoked to inject maximum terror of mutant mixing the supposedly benign with newly devastating.

Utter rubbish.

Likewise, the extra angle hailing from the direction of the 'wildcard'. A label plastered on this Centaurus 'variant' to make it sound of even more potential danger.

Yet to those of us with sane, level-headed objectivity still in tact, this does offer a newsjacking way of looking afresh at what's in our pipeline. Both by bid organisation and personalities.

For wildcards, read among our deals we work on where there's likely such an abnormality. What makes it so, and how do we handle it most effectively?

Then generally, for whatever variants of ideal prospect profile you have, which may exhibit traits leading you to feel that they occupy a subvariant spot?

Something on a deal which like the man-horse, is half one thing, half another.

And those that do, what tactic, event or function might best flush out any piece of our puzzle not quite fitting snugly into place?

You can even remind yourself that there is another equine/human cultural hybrid; the pantomime horse. Is your opportunity subvariant a panto villain or dame?

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