Superbrat's Top 3 Club Player Tips

John McEnroe, tennis legend. Nowadays the best pundit in that game.

At Wimbledon each year he’s got to hosting a phone-in show on national radio.

Whilst not a natural in this sphere – speaking to everyday folk perhaps doesn’t extend beyond checkin or waiting staff – he still does a good job.

One caller asked for his three top tips that’ll help any club player improve.

He instantly reeled off;

Move your feet,

Watch the ball, and

Have fun

Mac has the gravitas. When he speaks on such topic, you listen. Despite the seemingly generic pointers. Or is this simplicity deceptively adroit?

I wondered straight away how this thinking may apply to selling?

After all. Not everyone in our game is a multi majors grand slam winning champion. Yet many can be superbly successful on their own, more confined tour.

Keep the deal in motion,

Focus on the problem being resolved, and

Have fun, for both you and your potential buyer

You could even go as succinct as McEnroe for a summary;

Move your deal,

Watch the problem, and

Have fun

Any internal team session around the time of a big tennis tournament could utilise this platform for an improvement area. There are plentiful other options which to plunder. And you too can see improvement.

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