Swap Agenda For Food Spot Ideas

This above is a selection from the last interview before his recent suicide of innovative chef turned food travelogue presenter, Anthony Bourdain.

I couldn’t help but feel the Sales parallel when first chatting with someone new to you when wandering around a prospect office.

I’ve been in many an internal sales meeting where the crafting of ‘openers’ has been brainstormed.

The more devilish being often the much better. Searching for seemingly innocent questions that magically open the sold sesame.

These can even be devised in sections. Problem, Politics, Purse-strings.

Yet whilst I’ve heard some crackers uncovered in my time, their very attempt can make a prospect wary.

Which possible buyer (or evaluator or recommender or even eventual user) would ever divulge secrets upon approach number one?

Perhaps there is another masterkey here.

What are our environment’s equivalent of asking for lunchtime food or after-work drink spots?

I was in a kind of customercare control room recently and when introduced to someone looking after a particular product said something like; “oh, I’m just learning about that, what’s the best thing about it?”

My guide visibly squirmed as what gushed forth were in fact, where it was perceived to be falling behind.

I don’t expect you’d get far asking first-up on general happiest, best, most exciting job element lines as a policy. But there is certainly ground to be made when not leading down an obvious direction that simply signals your personal selling agenda. Is your eaterie option at hand?

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