Switch Bulletizable Pitch Off


… striking dread into your audience from the outset

How happy was I to read one crusade for such performance to breakout beyond slideware chains.

It emanates from the bowels of the university; the lecture hall.

Perhaps its other name should give us a fuller appreciation of what is required in such space; the lecture theatre.

Further revelations follow.

Why do we use slides at all?

Performance is better recommended to flow here from simple deployment of an opening contention. What is the proposition under discussion?

Maybe that’s the only slide you need. Plain Text. Just a line. Writ large. Question mark optional. Debate opened.

The engagement opportunities pre-projectors are lamentably lost; “Where the space around and between points on a blackboard is alive with possibility, the equivalent space on a PP screen is dead.”

What is delicious to the salesman in me, is the blame laid firmly at the Marketing door in the creation of Powerpoint. Its wholly misguided principles dismissed via the withering putdown of guru Edward Tufte; Powerpoint “actively facilitates the making of lightweight presentations”.

This a terrific piece curating many of the reasons why slidedecks can ruin you. In the case of NASA’a dislodged space shuttle tiles, sadly, literally, fatally.

If you are wondering about your precious presentation of the day, perhaps one alternative is in its conclusion. Amend to only show pictures.

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