Talent v Character

Being a cricket nut I couldn’t let England’s cricket win go unmentioned. So many hoodoos banished. First win at Lords for 75 years, scenting blood first since 1997. Yes, I know it’s only one victory with a long battle still ahead, but to give the Aussies a thumping Ashes beating feels great.

It was my cheeky pleasure to read all the online comment and analysis from former protagonists over my morning cuppa. The coach that last won the Ashes and (alongside Nasser Hussain) changed our second-rate English mentality made some particularly sharp observations. Duncan Fletcher remarked that in adversity,

“talent will only get you so far, but character will get you further”

and he added there was:

“truth of that old mantra about attack being the best form of defence”

following that with,

“It’s one thing for a captain to preach positivity; it’s another for the team to put it into action”

Change the word captain in that last statement to sales manager and there must be several salesteams that understand the issues there.

Overall, it feels like the kind of reminder that we all must be exposed to every day during these credit crunch recession times about how we’re best able to make our selling goals happen.

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