Talk Positive Indicators

For the first time during our credit crunch recession, this week saw the good economic news trump the bad.

The trend since Q2 (when the world seem to fall off a cliff – UK output decreasing a whopping, unprecedented 2.4%) which has been for the odd growth stat to muddy the waters, accelerates with the revelation that both France and Germany grew, 0.3% each. This restricts their slumps to just four Quarters and, regardless of any doom-monger induced ‘double-dipping’, is undeniably uplifting.

When you bump into the inevitably dour customer, and who can blame them if they’ve recently caught even ten minutes of rolling news channels, it pays to have a slew of good news to offer end-of-tunnel light.

There are several places you can pinpoint latest upward economic indicators. One decent well is The Economist‘s summary page and surf on from there.

Of course, not everyone you meet will be enamoured with such potentially abstract data. The best way to spread an infectious smile is to sing about specific growth that both you and your other customers are experiencing.

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