Tech-heads un-Cloud tips

One of my coders enthused about something he called Digg Reel the other day. (There’s a handful on vimeo by way of example). It’s a collection of video snippets where those at the helm of the technocracy share their wisdom.

I was helpfully informed that what people want from web apps can be summarised in three points. They encapsulate what is important to both developers and users. Mischievously, they could also form a tentative blueprint for both a new business sales campaign’s and ongoing account management guiding principles.




Transparency for the user is paramount. Nothing should be hidden. Everything should be laid out in the open in front of them. If they pay for their cloud time, then they need to easily see what they’re paying for.

Everything must also be instant. You must see things as they happen.

And the app needs to be humanised, easily tweaked to be personal to each individual user.

How close to these does your latest Proposal come?

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