Textbook Buying A Car

All salespeople are lousy buyers.  We are generally easily sold, get distracted by the sales technique of the vendor and tend to be unable to apply the mirror of the skills that make us successful sellers.

I came across a delightful five-minute snapshot of how you should go about buying a car.

Once I got over the startling revelation that there were a dozen more steps necessary than those I knew of, I became fascinated at how solution selling could benefit from considering the other side of this particular fence.

Granted, in this context the example is neither b2b nor strictly speaking a ‘solution’ sale, but it does demonstrate a few key prods that can quicken your deal:

  • create the urgency, make the buyer feel that ‘rushing’ is acceptable
  • provide multiple finance options (upfront)
  • tantalise with part-exchange if you can/want
  • provide three choices
  • allow ‘test drive’
  • point out differences between ‘must haves’ and ‘likes’
  • bewilder with add-ons (have your own, less-pressured ‘ninja room’)
  • avoid (“competitive bidding”) Dutch Auctions
  • don’t fall for giving a ‘take it today final price’
  • impress with instant/current stock availability
  • know what to do when the buyer walks out

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