Thawing Frozen Conflicts

I learn of this concept from the danger that is Putin. Frozen Conflicts.

The method of creating chaos to destabilise anyone you cannot manipulate directly for a buffer zone of protracted, choking quicksand.

Ukraine is the big current example, but others persist. The mere threat of them is having a paralysing effect on, say, the Baltic states, even Nato as a whole. Job done, Vlad. No wonder he can support brutality in the Levant and hack the USA on an hourly basis.

Then with a shudder, I realised I’d been the victim of the very tactic in the corporate selling world.

Internally, there’s other functions. Especially Finance and Marketing, that try and mask their ineptitude by diverting attention Sales way. They fail to manage costs or generate buzz yet blind management with empty claims against sellers. And busy out the office, we’re a new born gazelle in the gaze of a locked-on lion.

Externally, there’s any department that thinks any spend being authorised should rather go where they say. Namely not for the needy with whom we’re working. All manner of, smokes and mirrors deployed to push decisions ever further back while they snaffle unjust funds.

One general state of chaos prospectside may mean you never get an ‘in’. It’s the old ‘we can’t look now’. Reasons vary but all signal the same thing; we’ve a new reorg coming, when the vital product launch is successful, we’re awaiting a senior exec appointment, maybe after the major system change, everything’s on hold as we’re buying a business/being bought ourselves. Blah blah yada yada. If you can’t buy then nor can you sell, hey.

On this specific flavour, many a web-sales sage has an idea. Jill Konrath for instance might suggest you go in small somewhere away from centre. There’s always those that say go high or go home.

Sadly neither blueprint nor consensus exists for resolving such frozen conflict.

Yet as they are the ploy of a bully, then to expose them is surely a long way towards ending their oppression.

For this, you need top access. As high as it gets. Led by your key insider. And if they act like they’re happy to run a place with such subterfuge, with personal agenda ahead of company interest, well, then it’s time to find warmer climes.

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