The Before & After Progress Pic Of Award Winning Steakhouse

Here’s an illustrative picture. Inside its very first twelve months open, this tucked away spot in Southern Suburb Cape Town is considered by one adjudicator this year to already be South Africa’s best steakhouse. I’ve not tried there, yet. It’ll certainly have to go some to beat a previous occupant, the much missed one-time ‘Fat Cow’, Carol-Ann.

The photo looks like it compares the opening two nights with roughly nine months on. I hope Jess and all managed to sort that basting brush.

Their bijou room presently has just 26 covers. Yet in a remarkably short space of time, they appear brimming with bookings. Here’s proprietor Greg Bax’s accompanying instagrammed text;

Prose quality not quite matching the image, still, if you were wondering what was good about the place, this pic may well tell you; it’s fully booked.

No mention of the award-winning or unique cuts of meat. Simply that the local diners-out have voted.

Normally, being this self-absorbed isn’t the sustainable way forward. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend publishing the gushing platitudes of your punters either.

This is a distinctive tangent to those usually empty words.

When starting out, there was nothing. Now there is an arriving.

Slidedecks still today rely on the quarter on quarter financial barcharts to demonstrate growth. This kind of image does that so much more memorably. Can you?

Then there’s the mirror. Where your solutions have impacted in similar ways for clients. Can you show the power of these too?

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