The Cure

boom boom…

If you ignore it, it’ll go away.

How many a sales pitch encounters such thinking?

When you address the person who neither has the problem nor is touched by it, oftentimes.

What about when they feel the problem is mere irritation? One for which a workaround, or ‘hack’ they believe can mitigate?

Well. We don’t want to be one those “I told you so’s”. Yet a little precaution before a crisis blows up is preferable to a lot of fixing up afterwards. Especially as there might not be anything left to fix after the pandemic of devastation.

See also the old adage; a stitch in time saves nine. This derives from when you first see a tear, sew it, before it gets bigger and you need nine stitches rather than just the one you could have applied. Saving yourself a lot of time, trouble, and no doubt future hassles too.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

There is also a saying that ‘it is more profitable to treat a disease than cure it’. Big Pharma constantly battered by the claim, ‘there’s more money in treatment than cures’.

Is malady prolonged really preferable to remedy today?

Is your initial dismissive contact happy to continue trudging in the mess? Because it’s better for them, in some way either professionally or personally? Stay put where they stand rather than risk any upheaval the inevitable change of curing may wreak?

This treat versus prevent battle is perhaps now framed during the time of the coronavirus as treat early versus let havoc hit. Pounce or Perish.

In solution buying spheres, the ninth stitch is going to cost an absolute fortune. Not to mention the fact you’ll be focused inward, firefighting, going backwards. Whilst your competition is outpacing you ever farther, disappearing beyond the horizon.

Save not only time, but mountains of cash, crashes and careers. Buyers, buy now.

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