The Full Pie

Came across this baffling eurocrat boast and epic troll reply via an educator, so perhaps with skin in the game. Saying;

"The AI race will be the most significant economic event in the past 30+ years, and it’s absolutely wild to see regulators patting themselves on the back for effectively eliminating the people they represent from contention."

But wait. all is not lost. I've an idea how if you're from the EU you might 'contend'. How about becoming their region's only (& poster-child) Tech Unicorn by making an AI that monitors/enforces/strengthens this regulation? Seems like you've a ready-made mega-client, right? So not all doom then.

Yet as the joke du jour memes; America innovates, China replicates, Europe regulates. Yikes.

There is though much merit in the presentation style here.

Whenever you wish to make the point that you (or something else) is somewhere all out on their own.

Especially neat if, like in this fine example, there's a counter-punchline to follow.

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