The Music’s Not Important Until It’s Wrong

Wisdom described by the Scot DJ who for years had the most listened to show (weekday mid-mornings) on British airwaves, as "very astute".

It's not just radio for whom this applies.

You can sub in a multitude of other arenas for 'music' above and be on the money too.

Many Enterprise Sales terms ran through my mind.

Opening, Pitch, Slides, Prop, Close. And most tellingly, Process.

Then your struck by three further things.

Why has an imbalance affected its importance?

What was wrong with it?

When did you sense it had gone wrong?

You could also rotate.

What is an equivalent in your prospect's world?

You could always ask them for a start.

The point being, that there may well be something that's all fine, right up until the time that it is anything but.

And if that undesirable state of affairs is yet to occur, what are the chances of it gradually/suddenly doing so, and how keen are they to mitigate against such wrecking outcome?

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