The Power Of Instagram's First Ever Pic And Your Mundane Proof


This image whizzes around the web.

The dog belonged to the founder of Instagram. The foot and flip-flop, his girlfriend. ‘Twas the first ever posting by the app.

(On the left, his initial logo doodlings.)

The pic a touch reminiscent of the famed first youtube posting; seemingly everyday musings from “me at the zoo“.

They remind me that, if you can’t be glitzy, then there’s plenty of quality room at the other end of the spectrum.

Oftentimes, the more mundane the better.

Every one else in your sector probably tries to ape Hollywood.

They believe that without a sea of sequins there’s no sexy sell.

Why aimlessly follow in their sun-bleached-sand-between-the-toes footsteps?

How were those stellar pic ‘n vid services freed to the world? Hardly glam.

The focus was on their sausage. Not sizzle.

Now. This really is an interesting seam to mine.

I recently learned that Kimberley’s Big Hole (from where half the entire planet’s diamonds hail) took over 22 million tonnes of earth to yield 3 tons of sparklers.

Seven million to one? We can beat those odds.

My snaps certainly won’t adorn the cover of a glossy seen at a newstand near you anytime soon.

Yet I can take a decent close-up of a full in-tray. One I can shrink, nay vanish.

Or an empty chair aside bare cubicle. That I can fill with a hyper-productive profit-pouring employee.

Or the view from that corner office window. The one you’ll have raced to occupy, following the superb decision to buy from me.

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