The Purple Suede Was Different

Just done some impromptu training-cum-problem solving on a cold-call quandry.  Remember the old days?  A pats used to run along the lines of ‘send me your brochure’, then every time you’d ring back, you’d get ‘I’ve not had chance to read it yet, but I will then give you a call’.  Utter Rubbish.

Today’s version is ‘I’ve still not looked at your website… let me do so… allow me to make my own decision… I’ll then call you… blah blah fob off yuk’.

I think the essence of handling this (given that my guys are talking to 35+ yr old decision makers) could be that a website is ‘…simply a new kind of brochure.  By it’s very nature it’ll be seen by many people.  It’s fairly generic in its writing.  You could spend half-an-hour scrolling through it, before finding one line that was the real deal for you in terms of making a difference to your ambitions.  You could miss that vital link, or click right past it.  It’s difficult to make a decison off the web alone, so here’s one question….’

And then I posed a key question to which the answer will hopefully be “yes please!” and we nail the meet.  One of my guys latched onto this immediately and then in the role play confirmation/practice that followed went on like this, “it’s like how disappointed my sister was when she chose a pair of purple shoes on the net, when she got them the suede wasn’t at all like the photo made out and she wished she’d have seen them in the flesh”.  Lovely.

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