The Rule Of Six

We going backwards.

Will we end up in thrall to Sweden?

The latest coronavirus enforced ‘new normal’ in England is called the rule of six.

No gatherings of more than six people. At all. Anywhere. Unless your family household is seven-plus. Or you’re a protest marcher, no doubt.

Just about all the press is up in arms about this.

The general feeling seeming to be that help the economy desperately needs outweighs risk of any sub one percent mortality rate virus on the loose.

Whichever side you’re on – and as is the age, everyone is not only on a side, but must be vehemently opposed to the other – one thing we can agree on, is that the whole country is talking ‘the rule of 6’.

Yet again government svengalis behind the scenes have come up with another winning slogan.

By winning, it is one that owns the airwaves. Gets people talking about it in its terms. Is memorable, recongisable and readily being repeated.

Which naturally gets the Sales juices flowing.

What is your prospect’s project Rule of 6?

Or rule of any helpful digit?

4, 17, 311…

Even with a decimal point in there.

Or any non-round integer.

Where that number is of definite relevance to how you will unleash their success.

A reminder of intent. Proof, even.

It may even zone in on the problem they are looking to resolve.

Letting you own how it is framed.

One matter to consider, is that many renegades exist.

They seek out rules to deliberately break them.

Often for the hell of it.

Make your rule one that doesn’t lend itself to being broken.

Although you could always throw a wink in the direction of an assisting bending of it 😉

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