The Two Words That Get A Senior Exec Cold Email Response Of 1 in 9

I was presented with a prospecting puzzle.

A small target market of C-Suite names. Yet each and every one a total stranger.

How could you quickly identify the most keen and eager winning prospects from the general populace?

The obvious answer is to send an initial email.

These would of course be completely cold.

So time for a touch of what the marketers call A/B Testing.

I was duly aware of developments in the direct mail intro space.

So I split the small but neatly formed universe in half. For there are two ‘schools’ on this matter.

The first received an email crafted around an event which triggers the ‘need’ sought.

The second asked for the relevant contact in the general functional space typically ordering.

The results speak for themselves.

40 trigger event emails garnered absolutely no positive response. Best not to count the clown that ranted back never to email him again.

36 emails asking for a steer towards someone, anyone, in the desired realm generated 4 positive responses.

1 in 9 compared to a big, fat zero.

And the two words?

Well, the difference starts with the subject line. Simply;

Appropriate person

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