Steve Schiffman Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work

Rarely can a book title be so inappropriate. “Over one million copies sold” this 20 year anniversary edition shouted from its cover. Incredible. There’s just one good chapter (#2). The rest is plain old school loserville.

Why have we let these people get away with this kind of misdirection for so long?

There’s so much that is useless advice, it’s easy to pick holes all over the place.

I’ll select just one else we’d be here all day. If you’re making calls that sound like this précis of the script he advises, you need a sharp about turn;

Hello, Bob, I’m (name) from (company) in (city).

We’re a major (whatever you do – SIC code description), and (deal with how many people)

The reason I’m calling is to set up an appointment.

So I can stop by and tell you about our (top-level  product name) & how they can increase/decrease (something random)

Now, Bob, are you interested in having (random benefit) – or –

We should meet next Tuesday at 3pm.

Note. For the avoidance of doubt. This script will not make you a winner.

What’s so frustrating, is that there is a faintly visible platform from which he could so easily properly build:

Understand cycle times, know your numbers, scripts are not handcuffs, and some people will see you whatever (he reckons 1 in 12 – Rogers & Moore fans can find this as high as roughly 1 in 6).

But these promising themes are way too few and wildly too far between.

If you read this type of Americana, then you might as well eschew any worthwhile training. That’s because if you’re ready to believe in this, you likely believe that only discounting sells, you must obsess about copying your competition and what you did well yesterday will be good enough again today.

There’s one reason to read this pamphlet. To realise that if you call like this book preaches, then you need to change your ways.

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