Think Feel Know

It can be bizarre who you bump into when out reppin’.  At a small packaging firm, couple of million turnover, the owner turned out to be a self-confessed ‘Life Coach’.  He was into it so much, that he’d delegated his packaging responsibilites so was only now in one day a week, and spent the rest of the time coaching elsewhere.  As with all of his ilk, he’s passionate about what he does, and gave me an impromptu 20 minutes to what he was most excited about at the moment.  His name’s Nic Rixon, and was part of a team who’d just created a programme called Think Feel Know.

I myself was fairly intrigued, as it did indeed appear to have a new slant.  To help describe what it is, first, here’s what it is not:

It’s not NLP – which is about how to use the senses, rather than how people make decisions.

It’s not traditional sales training – which tends to pigeon-hole buying decisions as either being emotionally or logically led.

The idea is that people will gravitate towards majoring in one of the three states when making buying decisions.   One of the trio is their preferred process, yet to fully convince, you must nail all three.

So, do you ever hear people say “I’ll have to think about it”?  That means they need to see lots of detail and data.

Feeling right about something and when someone has a gut-reaction that they Know something’s right, together will enable you to proceed.  The trick that Nic Rixon seemed to like was pausing at the appropriate time to move someone from the Thinking state to the Feeling or Knowing one.

Another bonus is apparently when most sellers talk to buyers they only really uncover facts. Yet you need to uncover feelings to genuinely progres.  So one example runs as follows;

“How is it in your industry? How about in your territory?  How do you feel it’s going for you guys?  And how do you feel about all this?”

Starting off with 3rd-party views, then homing in on the individual personal perspective.

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