Think Like McKinsey's

Although I heard this second-hand (from a legal friend of mine that has a close pal working out of Atlanta in America for large business consultant McKinsey) the message is remarkably succinct. My friend began his wisdom with the preface that everything he’s heard confirms his belief that such consultants are people that “borrow your watch then tell you the time”.

In these clearly tough credit crunch, recessionary times, consultants appear busy in one particular realm.  How they’re currently advising clients in this arena was described to me as a four-part process:

  1. how will you make money now?
  2. what does your business need to look like for that to succeed?
  3. who will fill those roles?
  4. sack the rest, immediately.

An acknowledging shudder struck me of simplicity, ruthlessness and necessity. How many sales teams should heed this creed?

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