This or That at The Circle

So after blogging on This or That interview questions recently, I saw the 2017 movie adaptation rewrite of the 2013 novel The Circle.

Of interest as I blogged on internal new product launch pointers from it after reading the book myself.

The film early on features an interview scene with a series of This/Thats. As you can see above, our heroine Mae (Emma Watson) fields these among the testers which the interviewer introduces as “Speed Round”;

Paul or John? Early Paul Late John

Mario or Sonic? Early Sonic Late Mario

Introspection or Communication? …sorry I’m thinking about it … [‘so that’s introspection’, interrupts the interviewer]

Sushi or Soylent? Sushi

Joan Baez or Joan Crawford? Joan Didion

Gif or Jif? [with a chuckle] I’m not answering that! There’s too much at stake….

Quality or Convenience? Not mutually exclusive

Needs of the Society or Needs of the Individual? Should be the same

You can’t help but notice that for only one of these did she provide a desired singular response. Lucky sushi.

As an extra aside, there’s a couple of neat recruiting tricks also in this exchange. The 180sec clip I posted up top all starts at about 6ish mins into the movie.

To kick off, there’s the classic ‘explain what we do’ question (“How would you describe what The Circle is to say, your grandmother?”, which she kind of flunks as she chooses to talk about the TruYou product features, “Your granma’s falling asleep…” the interviewer chides, so she than recalibrates to nail).

And also the fiendish few non-binaries thrown into the Speed Round;

The Velcro shoes/wallet/pants ownerships.

“What was the name of the receptionist that booked you in this morning?”… ‘Mae’ thinks seriously before confidently uttering, “Glinda”.

The killing, “Would you like to go out with me?” “That’s very inappropriate”. “Gooood”.

Finally, “You’re most scared of…?” “Unfulfilled potential”… which elicits a most positive expression from the interviewer. And our Mae is home.

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