Thunderous Objection Handle Analogy

My old hometown experienced yet another rare weather day over their Late Spring Bank Holiday. These once in a century events seem shortening to just about every year across the globe.

I caught a weatherman being ‘grilled’. One person sadly died when a flash flood caused by a month’s rain in little more than an hour submerged his car. Where was this in the forecast?

He explained why he believed predicting thunder and accompanied downpours ought not be expected;

it’s like when you boil a pan of water, you don’t know where the first bubble will break

His interviewer accepted this excuse with all the in-house deference trained for when BBC staffers talk to royalty.

In part, you must say, because it’s quite a good analogy.

Despite my outright hostility towards such ‘professionals’, here appeared someone who’d thought about how to deflect the obvious brickbat. And duly deployed their shield with deft aplomb.

This also happens to be a tactic we solution sellers would do well to take note of. Being prepared with a simple, understandable, everyday metaphor for when the Big Nasty Objection strikes.

Have you got yours at the ready?

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