Top Trumps Card vs Status Quo

Above is a screenshot from the London broadsheet graphics team of The Telegraph [sub'n req'd].

Compiled the day before:

Twitter issued a cease-and-decease notice against its latest microblogging challenger for perceived blatant copycat-ing;
Threads' umbilical link to Instagram preventing pure account deletion caused it to be red-flagged as a 'saw trap' app, and;
a raft of missing features such as no hashtag capabilities drove mass user complaints.

Roll on the cage fight.

Regardless of any accuracy of the above pic, it does feel a useful reminder about how to broach with a prospect the topic of relative merits of a choice of alternatives.

In the specific instance of where we are up against a status quo.

I say this, as I have always been against the discussion with prospects of competitors on a bid.

Rather with this tactic, in the case of where we offer a solution without an active competitor. Often where we bring new ways of doing something that the prospect currently either cannot do or tries to by cobbling together a hack using several different sources. Where such comparison table pitting us with that current situation can help both create useful persuasive dialogue and help solidify our standing.

The template here uses ten 'fields'. We can aim to pick and list those which not only show us in best light, but also when run through together, help expose where the prospect preferences presently lie.

Formatting as the sample here, also lets you neatly show the traits down the middle, which can also help determine which decision making criteria may be missing, as well as the ranking of criteria being considered.

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