Turn Trending To Your Tune

New Year. New Sales Year Kick-Offs.

Teams love their annual rah-rah to herald the next selling push.

It’s a time to ensure, among other essentials and to adapt the well-worn wit, that the new year is not simply ‘a hangover at the start followed by twelve periods of disappointment’.

Here’s a quick riff building on my post last week triggered by CNBC’s 2016 Playbook features.

Do you know what’s likely to be trending throughout the next twelve months?

VR, IoT, wearables, driverless cars, zero carbon buildings, drones, cashless society.

The web is awash with predictions of the tech that’ll take over 2016.

If you’re running a launch event, incorporate a session on what trends may well impact your market, product, problems, solutions, customers, prospects.

I can even see this set up with a cheeky suggested list from the Chair. Where eternal prospects, price book ripper-uppers, delivery over-promisers, competitor killers and bread ‘n butter staples each earn a comedy gong.

If you’re more a solo seller, then consider introducing the topic with a key client or in a hoped for account.

People love to crystal ball gaze. Pontificating on what will happen makes many feel they sound important and wise.

Even if forecasting is folly.

It’ll uncover who’s on the ball. How they view their universe. Where they want to go. What they think may be an opportunity, or a threat. All vital intel whether managing salespeople or selling to buyers.

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