Tweak Picasso's Action


Someone hit me with this quote the other day, attributed to Picasso.

Action is the foundational key to all success

As every salesperson has probably heard, Activity = Sales. This is also demonstrated as More Activity = More Sales.

Kudos to Pablo.

But this is also expressed by the experienced as Activity ≠ Sales.

As only the winning salespeople know, it is the Quality of that extra activity that impacts on Sales, not necessarily the amount of it.

Activity for activity’s sake rarely, if ever, produces extra results.

For graphical purposes, put a dividing line under Activity. Insert your word of choice. Quality, Focus, Qualification, Pain ID. There’s quite a list. To be a little daring, next time you’re at the flipchart, even add an exponential the other side of the equation; Salese.

One thing is for sure though, No Activity = No Sales.

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