Unify Simplify Amplify

Here’s a branding lesson from a New York expert in the field. It has resonance for salesteams trying to get everyone moving in the same direction.


Self-explanatory in nature is of course a thing of beauty.

In possibly my first attempt at creating a focus for a sales team, I had to battle against my tekkies destroying any semblance of the message inside our clients that we sales guys were (indisputably correctly) trying to progress. They thought it was funny and took great pride in it. Disgraceful. But ‘unify’ lesson learned.

As for ‘simplify’, I’ve always tried to encourage my charges to be able to answer the most common of questions in the field in a snappy, believable and dynamic way. If they can’t articulate what you’re about, it is in large part often because of unwelcome complexity.

And at the third stroke, hiding your light under a bushel never gets anyone anywhere. So laser on to those whom you target and ‘amplify’.

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