User Life Made Easier

How do you alone make your customer lives that little bit easier?

In January I noted a similar collection of pics (via Reddit) which also showed clever ways of helping with use of products, lauded as life changing.

Six months on, Brightside collate twenty pics of everyday breakthrough help.

The sample quartet here start with lift buttons when you’ve your hands full. The number of times I could’ve done with these. Hopefully made robust enough to withstand their inevitable kicking, mind you.

I have also seen the frustration of someone trying repeatedly to thread a needle in one those freebie emergency sewing kits. Yet one supplier has a simple solution. Deliver them with the first eye threading done for you.

Then we have the vexing issue of med time. A fan myself of the seven-part boxes with each day’s name labelled, this tactic goes even more granular. Wonder if it has an alarm too?

Finally, a modern take on the switchable seating. This apparently from a NZ waterfront. This tactic seems to go back over a century, being deployed on the first English trams. I also came across similar, yet not as elegant, on Chinese trains thirty years ago. Luckily, the kiwi prom looks devoid of the overly aggressive, intolerant, busybody police I suffered then who crazily, needlessly demanded that I must turn mine back around.

These really do put yourself in your user’s shoes. How does your offering demonstrate the same?

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