Using Video To Manage Deal Burnout

I've been on literally thousands of sales calls.

From accompanying seniors when learning the trade, through my own, to supporting juniors.

Not to mention when I've been on the 'other side', as buyer.

And latterly, being on those of clients in an observing capacity. Pretty much all of which have been on video.

I was reminded of the lost power of intentionality from a March '23 Forbes piece.

Not usually a source of astounding insight, granted.

Yet one line in particular tugged me in.

The scourge of "meetings with no clear structure and goals", and ones absent of any conscious drive for "creating templates to reuse".

For I have had to bear witness to just such forums.

They flounder. They abandon true potential. They lead to virtual burnout.

The latter specifically meaning, the seller's sparkle sinks, and the buyer's exuberance ebbs.

Surely you're not in the 'wing it' camp nowadays. Nor are you too far the other way, ossifying your aims in a concrete of checkpoints.

I have been asked to help conduct types of 'audit' on how video sales calls run.

The kind of 'meeting clinic' that might get dismissed as too basic.

Yet there's one significant angle to let flourish.

Video meetings are different. They are not phone calls. They are not in-person meetings.

You may well have enjoyed personal tutelage in how to 'sell' on the phone or face-to-face. But what about with doing a sales call over video?

Even taking the 'Forbes 3' cited above, have you considered;

running through a clear structure,
having clear goals, &
creating templates to re-use?

Not for every single meeting ever possible. But for those where you will gain an - or the - edge by conducting it on video?

Embedding it as a new, valued, proven element of your sales process.

Turning video call burnout into one sure fire way to set your prospect alight with intent to buy from you.

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