V: Selling Vocabulary

Value Selling
Shift emphasis of your pitch from what the offering actually does, to the monetary amount it will actually produce for the eventual customer. 

Virtual Territory
In vogue ever since Virtual Reality technology became less exciting than the Internet, it is where you calculate the value of a territory and use that as a basis for handing Patches out. You need to determine how much business can come from the chosen Area. 

A term used in the context of a Marketing theory applied to Technology firms, that there are four types of buyers: Innovators, Early Majority, Late Majority, Laggards. Visionaries are the first to take up a new offering, but as they only constitute a small proportion of the total marketplace (estimated at 7½%) you need to work out how to “Cross The Chasm” and start to bring Pragmatists aboard. (Conservatives and Sceptics make up the other half of the population). 

When people are not available you can leave a message by phone. What you need to look out for are companies with a cloaking Voicemail culture. These are bad.

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