W: Sales Vernacular


Many different applications, typically where a point comes up, and rather than resolve any issue straight away, you linger on why it is important or what is bad about it. The beginnings of Empathy here. 

War Story
Ever heard someone tell you in ten minutes a vaguely witty conversation from the field that actually only took two minutes?! We should all gather War Stories, as they’re the tales of things that happened on our travels that we’ll sit down and tell the grand-kids! 

What’s In It For Me? When you say anything to a potential customer you should be putting yourself in their shoes and asking exactly this question. They only understand things when they are said in this language. 

Worst-Intermediate-Nirvana. A Negotiation tool that lets you plan what you can and cannot give away. 

Anyone who visits Winner-Net and beats their Targets as a result! 

Winning Lines There are certain pivotal parts to any conversation or pitch where a salesrep says something great that changes the course of that transaction. These are Winning Lines and should be recorded and used over and over again.

A concept regularly lauded as essential for the long term well-being of commercial relationships. Mainly comes up with reference to Negotiation on Winner-Net. A deal that does not provide a Win-Win for all concerned is not good. For more on this, the chief proponent came to worldwide prominence as part of the Total Quality Management phase around the late eighties, between the search for Competitive Advantage and the strive for Business Process Re-engineering. He was W Edwards Deming who, rejected by American industrialists, took his ideas to Japan after WW2 and changed the world. The Win-Win philosophy is one of his 14 commandments.

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