Variation on a theme

Came across a neat piece of best-practice from one of my customers in N Wales.  They sell handtools for the pro, to electrical wholesalers, engineers merchants and the like.  A new product was launched earlier this year that all the reps seemed to be impressed with.  They duly went out selling it in the promotional packs designed by Marketing.

Without going into too much unnecessary detail, the starter level intro pack was 6 products of 6 lines.  One guy was surprised that not many people were taking up what he thought was a fantastic product at a ridiculously attractive promotion.  So he tried a new angle.

Next time out, he offered 2 entry-level packages.  The first was the original 6 6s, then he talked about having 3 of 12.  All of a sudden, his sales started to soar.

Simple idea, but great one.  And what was particularly noteworthy, was that although he’d been at the company ‘man and boy’, he’d only been selling for just 7 months.  Just shows what a new perspective can bring.  Any time you can think of an alternative close option, giving a choice, it always seems to work.  ‘which would you like, the red or blue?’

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