Video Call Lab

A recent call to form your Sales Labs Unit brought to mind the absence of genuinely effective best-practice driving initiatives I observe in our sector.

Technology alone is not the answer, people.


There’s a new area in town that suffers through this neglect.

I remain flabbergasted at how many – a whopping majority – even now are still so misplaced in their thinking around video call elements of hybrid working in general and selling in particular.

If ever there was a case for an initiative (no matter how informal) to capture and infuse across the team what works well on video calls, then today is it.

Who cares you’ve been doing it 18 months now or whatever duration.

You’ve been working way longer in your career yet you still need to learn new stuff. Which both builds on what you knew already and can be new to you.

And, by the way, many have been doing meetings IRL all their working life too. Without much attention to what else could and should be done with them. And you know how that’s gone by the number of useless ones you’ve had to suffer.

Not only ought you be seeking out such best-practice within – for strangely there is at least the odd colleague who’s stumbled across a distinctive winner of an idea – you must look elsewhere for inspiration.

Which prospects, partners or providers have a winning approach to video calls?

From the briefest of tactic right through to overall approach.

Have you asked everyone for methods they’ve witnessed that worked well?

Or how others have gone about their videoing that could be adapted to your culture?

Or even what they’ve seen that they don’t like, and how they’d change it up?

The answers lie within.

Uncover them.

And the real kicker is, that you can test, gauge and practice any internally, or in safe environments with close commercial contacts.

Some of them will be game-changers. Guaranteed.

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