Viral Load, Peak Shedding & Doubling Time

Here’s a trio of concepts from the epidemiology of the (CCP worsened) coronavirus pandemic worthy of solution selling consideration.

Doubling Time

As I blog this, the UK’s ‘doubling time‘ has mercifully lengthened. From under three days to nearer six. The impact being seen for instance on Easter Sunday’s recorded hospital deaths. 737 people sadly died, yet at that rate of a just few days prior, we’d have expected a shattering 2,500 deaths.

How long does it take for ever more individuals with buying influence to first know, then think favourably on your bid?

Is it an idea to track who you meet prospectside? As well as who you know you have not met or talked with directly who are also at the very least, ‘in the loop’ about your specific proposal?

Peak Shedding

This refers to when someone stricken with the bug is at their most infectious to others. It may not be when symptoms are at their most apparent. Nor when they are at their most ill.

When is a prospect minded to align with your views be most likely to both pass on such sentiments, as well be most persuasive when doing so?

I’d suggest that this is a process you ought be both aware of and also seek to actively manage.

Viral Load

The amount of pathogen that initially attacks you. The larger this ‘viral load’, it is thought the greater the chance your body will be overwhelmed, no matter how healthy or old at that time. Although studies are not yet conclusive on this, ‘the amount of virus exposure at the start of infection  –  the infectious dose –  may increase the severity of the illness’.

Who is prone to be most receptive given what amount of time listening to you?

What can maximise this for you?

Does it seem role-dependent? Different across the varied levels of organisation? Is there a specific routine ran with previous exec buyers you can seek to replicate? As distinct from say any budgetary sign-off or end-user personality?

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