Warning Sign Checklist

I recently saw a fascinating piece on those that promote proper welfare of vulnerable children.

They’d compiled a list of 30 warning signs.

These could suggest that a child was being exploited.

If any three were witnessed by family and friends at one moment in time, action was likely necessary.

The seriousness of this pursuit dwarves our daily selling tasks. Yet there is a definite lesson we can take from these carers that seek to protect.

Take every signal that might suggest you’re not being treated as high a priority by your prosepct as you may wish.

There are apparently two types of signal, those that take place in isolation, and those which flag a change in behaviour.

Unreturned calls. Unanswered emails. No background preparation done by them. Meetings go ahead despite key absentees. Failure to contact a third-party. Little choice in meeting date, venue or topic. Instant response demanded of seemingly inconsequential matters. Access to senior execs restricted. Broken promises.

There’s quite a long possible list.

I sense this is a great addition to deal review procedures. If any three occur within the same small timeframe, then get those qualification alarm bells ringing.

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