We Gotta Keep Pushin'

Caught the last ten minutes of the paint drying watch that is Formula One these days.

Lewis Hamilton won. Moving almost out of sight in this year’s championship.

All the commentary chatter and associated on-screen graphics was of his equalling the all-time record of 91 Grand Prix wins of Michael Schumacher.

Was Hamilton so duly enamoured, as he past the finish line?

Broadcasters relay the contrived radio comms between driver and team after they take the chequered flag.

Full of woops, thank yous and occasional excitable bleeps.

This one seemed destined for record-breaker cheers.

The engineer congratulated racer on landmark victory. Then mentioned they just got ‘pipped’ to the extra bonus point for fastest lap. By just ‘six thousands of a second’. Hamilton’s response?

” Yeah, I saw that, they’re getting faster, man, we gotta keep pushin’ “

Delivered without any hint of celebration.

This, more than perhaps you’d first take in, is the real mark of champion.

Winning is the natural outcome of making all the right steps.

Number One today does not mean the same shall follow tomorrow.

Focus on pursuing the process that enables this. Not on the result itself. And always be seeking to improve on it where you can.

This absolutely holds true for Sales.

Yet I see far too many a promising salesteam ignore such truth.

Be self-aware. Find out what works. Refine for glory.

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