We Need To Find The Owners

I recently came across the Sales language of a construction player.

I noted much of it stemmed from engineering terms.

Every sector brings their own slant to selling argot.

The title of this post above seemed perhaps their key tenet.

There's long been labels for the main person you need on the inside to make things happen your way.

Fox, Champion, The Man (ᴍᴀɴ, as in the person with Money, Authority & Need). To name but three.

Citing 'ownership' in this manner strikes me as a useful reminder that our chief supporter prospect-side ought be able to both push what we propose through and possess the means to make subsequent delivery provide the promised results.

Further elaboration suggests needing to identify who can project manage the buying process beyond the constrains of 'procurement' their side.

A trio of supplemental angles are also of interest to us solution sellers.

They talked of 'activating spaces', and 'developing new spaces', as a plank of their sales ambitions.

With a classic FUD to impress upon prospects. Namely that the 'days of saying something's going wrong but not my problem' are over.

Finally, when what you pitch touches on another (larger) area, this old acorn from the Day One versus On-Costs (TCO, Total Cost of Ownership) salesbook; 'if you're spending 2½ million on something then what are you going to do to oil the wheels?'

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