What Does First-Time Masters Champion Do Next?

Danny Willett. The Yorkshirman thrilled Sunday night with his golfing triumph at Augusta.

When landing home today I noted he shared what he’d been seen discussing with Alex Ferguson. As clubhouse celebrations took hold, the peerless Manchester United boss suggested he now try what they’d done in their glory years.

Every time we won a trophy we simply forgot about it. Only thinking about which one was next.

So hopefully it’s a good sign that he declined immediate American chat show appearances. Instead he came straight home for his paternity leave, sticking to his plan to play his next tournament in four weeks time.

One of my most instructive sales experiences came just prior to my career starting in earnest.

A senior rep brought in a whole year’s quota in one deal. Everyone across the sales floor excitedly awaited the popular chap’s return from the signing ceremony. Fully expecting the pub to be the rest of the day’s office.

Yet after entering to the warmest of welcomes, he unloaded at his desk, picked up his phone and started making cold calls.

The room was stunned.

I realised it was brilliant.

Don’t get carried away telling yourself how wonderful you are, basking in the bounce of bubbles around the bar. It’s better to be miffed when you win a deal. One less quality line on your forecast. Get up and go to the next.

Danny Willett moves up to World Number Nine. A congested summit now in sight. There’s Olympics, Ryder Cup and three further Majors coming up quickly, not to mention changing nappies, to focus his mind.

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