What Sales Can Take From Robot Recruitment


Is there any one-time jobseeker who hasn’t been the victim of pyschometric testing?


Whatever the practitioners insist, are they really more effective than the Carry On dating agency from 1970, Wedded Bliss, with their “computer matching” (which featured Sid Bliss manually ticking date matches at random beside his fake computer as seen up top)?

So the trend towards robot recruitment can be worrisome.

Especially when hunting for salespeople.

There are a couple of promising developments wrapped up in this though.

One such is “blind recruiting”.

Where the applicant’s name is obscured at the screening stage to avoid unconscious bias (where people tend to unknowingly select people with heritage most similar to themselves).

Also, emulating the approach of singer reality show The Voice – along with many an orchestra nowadays – are deployed. Namely deliberately not seeing the person as they ‘audition’.

I also applaud on-demand video. Again, with initial screening, each candidate answer the same questions online. They can do so when convenient for them (not having to go through the tricky time-off work charades) and can be vetted when handy for the recruiter too.

I recently learned that higher education is not a predictor of success in coding jobs. So some firms have excluded any university named on applications.

My favourite nugget taken though, is the revelation that the best indicator of ability is a “work sample”.

I’ve long trained sales leadership in the rigours of true selling capability interviewing. In the guise of a pretend live first time telephone call.

Another such technique I love examining is the drawn description. (Whether whiteboard, flipchart or scrap of paper).

I’m forever amazed at how few salespeople shine with this most basic (and powerful) of skill.

Given the less interactive nature of robot recruitment, other avenues open up. What about their typical intro email? Or a follow-up graphic? Perhaps a certain type of progression letter?

There’s quite the list to mine from.

And you’ll be closer to hiring the ideal salesbot you seek, for sure.

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