What Washington Teaches

A quick long holiday weekend musing. Caught listening to a snippet of a radio documentary. The reminiscences of an American who as a 14-yr old, had to bear the assassination of his father.

He then followed in his paternal footsteps and worked in Washington. Here’s one key line that he shared. Talking about what he’d learned from a lifetime in and around politics.

“Until you bring an issue close to people they’re not going to do anything”

Oh how so right. As it is in any famous power bubble, it is in Sales.

Think not solely of just the simple (and effective) viewpoint search of your potential buyer. Of where they constantly ask themselves, WIIFM; what’s in it for me?

Solution veterans will deeper recognise in this the drive to uncover the prospect’s not only professional, but crucially also personal gain.

Seeking to peak through the classic “self-interest” looking glass.

How hot do your major deals look through this lens of how close they truly are to your main buyer in question?

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