What's The Right Corporate Hospitality

On the packed 0730 flight which started to bring me home, from Melbourne to Sydney, I had the pleasure to sit next to a fella that through googling I now know to be Duncan McRae.  I had no idea who he was, but any true rugby fan will know him as a Saracens, Waratahs and Gloucester fly-half over the past few years.

Now retired, he kindly hepled me stave off debilitating jet-lag with genial discussions on all sorts of mainly sport and Cape Town related topics.  Duncan’s new role is helping an Aussie bookie entertain their high-roller clients.  This interested me as hospitality in this industry is easy.  People bet on sport, so take them to an Ashes test, with breakfasts including speak-sets from the likes of Kim Hughes & Gladstone Small.  But how do other trades select an appropriate jolly?

I sell to salespeople as you probably know, so I racked my brains, and came up with offering my customers a freebie sales masterclass kind of session from someone sales guys would like to listen to about influencing and so forth.

One sweet anacdote Duncan shared with me was when lived in Cheltenham, his neighbour was a bloke called Geoff.  Six months on they’d become friendly and one day, Duncan asked Geoff, ‘what’s with this funny number plate you’ve got on your car?’

GH 66

Geoff replied ‘I scored a hat-trick in a World Cup Final, in 1966’


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