What's Your 25-Word Story?


Another Hay Festival gem. This time from comic Rob Brydon. Inspired by the national 500-word story children’s competition, he composed his own constrained tale. For him though, only 25 words were allowed.

Bear in mind, it’s all in the delivery.

The writer, at his paper strewn desk, wondered aloud;

“Can I write a story in only twenty five words?

Of course!

How difficult can it… “

[cue raucous audience laughter]

Thankfully the reaction was genuine. And mirrored by those I watched it with too.

Yet there’s a serious sales point I sense here.

A set-up, a mystery, a twist, and an impact.

Quite a feat for just twenty-five words.

So a prospect asks you about your product.

You have a story to tell. Else you shouldn’t be selling it.

Can you craft a similar story on just a couple-dozen words?

If you can, I suggest it’s a terrific discipline and could well provide a useful little nugget of gold. Just like for Mr Brydon.

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