What's Your Andy Murray Two Sets Of Five Checklist?

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Watching the absorbing Aussie Open last month, I couldn’t help wondering what was on the scrap of paper Scottish beaten finalist Andy Murray kept glancing at during matches.

Thanks to the glory that is social media, we now know. The pic above duly flew through the web as snapped at the recent Rotterdam Open.

His ten points are split in two. The first half seeming to refer to general reminders, the second more on specific tennis tactics;

1. Be good to yourself
2. Try your best
3. Be intense with your legs
4. Be proactive during points
5. Focus on each point and the process
6. Try to be the one dictating
7. Try to keep him at the baseline, make him move
8. Keep going for your serve
9. Stick to the baseline as much as possible
10. Stay low on passes and use your legs

I often blog on the power of visionboards, inspiration walls and their ilk. Not in the annoyingly upbeat yet lame self-help evangelism manner. Rather, decorating your intimate deskspace with relevance to were you want to go and how you’ll get there.

In the late 90s I remember visiting many a cold call cauldron. Sticky notes would abound from the frame of a good seller’s monitor. Winning lines, a killer current promo, a trusted proposition, an oft-forgotten link sell. And yes, sadly I did see the odd scribbled smiley face to remind said rep what they should do as they dial.

Readily comparable to the tennis champ’s list above.

I realised I see a similar aide memoire.

Although not a single sheet like above, here’s my current ten such prospecting bullets festooned around my humble little workplace;

1. Build relationships by phone
2. Problem statement (lead & alt)
3. Grapple Open Priority
4. I know nothing about Marketing
5. Extra pair of hands; Contingent workforce (Conference Workshops Embedded)
6. If Yous…(x5)
7. New products’ 72% failure rate
8. When’s their next new product due (or key ’15 project/investment)
9. Count only Conversations
10. Refine Process

What are yours?

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