What's Your -ism?

When men get together here’s proof that it’s not just sport, the battle of the sexes and general nonsense that we discuss.  My friend Murray and I were reminding ourselves that our heydays of cuemanship were well behind us when, upon my missing an easy straight pot, I informed him that I’d just succumbed to Murrayism.  I framed this as the ability to turn something simple complex and so fail.  We spent the entire next round coming up with fittingly offensive and derogatory ‘-ism’ definitions for each other’s name, whilst offering spectacular and heroic ‘isms’ for our own names.

Behind the matey banter I realised that a serious point existed here.  Ask friends, colleagues and clients what characteristics, emotions, or adjectives your name an ‘ism’ might trigger in their minds.  How would this differ from your own perception I wonder?  What would you want your ‘ism’ to represent and how can you get there?

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