When Customers Eat Up Your Journey

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Donuts. Very bad for you. But how can you resist?

I find myself often drawn to London’s Crosstown. Best not start on Duck and Waffle‘s incredible ox cheek doughnut. As for high street chain standards, can Krispy Kreme original glazed really be bettered?

I even sat down in one of their tiny shops the other day for a cheeky treat.

I was ashamed to see my shiny prize delivered in true burger behemoth style. Even down to the sheet of paper in the tray.

But then I realised this usual flyer acting as the useless ‘mat’ didn’t feature some lame promo after all.

Its aim was to focus on six steps during the four-and-a-half hours taken to bring such fresh sugary-breaded delights to a store each day.

There’s quite a lot to get annoyed about with it though.

I didn’t like the term vegetable shortening to lessen unhealthy fat frying. I’d no idea what a ‘hotlight store’ was (turns out said lamp alerts that donuts are fresh off the line). There’s the picture error of an American truck rather than English lorry or van.

Still, there are things to admire. I liked the random (thereby more real?) timings. The darkness hours 2.15 to 6.44 arrival (or 4hrs 29mins precisely – although 4.21 does morph to ‘about 4am’ for one stage). With your lunchtime break taken at 12.38, don’t be late. The rhyming headlines are always a winner too. And their defined stages; dough > risen-baked > glaze > sprinkles > done > delivered.

Many a solution sale product or service can be split along six such stages. Especially when involving post-sale work.

Maybe a playful Krispy Kreme treatment could work well as a standalone standard slide, or a page in a RFI, general info doc or Prop. Prospects love a ‘backstory’ like most people enjoy a glimpse behind the magician’s curtain.

Handled in the right, gentle manner, it’d definitely distinguish you in reader eyes, as well as add your own distinctive sprinkle or glaze.

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