When World's Biggest Advertiser Uses The Autocomplete Slide So Can You

The autocomplete slide is a tool I’ve blogged on several times (lattermost as a footnote when googling on a heavyweight boxing champ quote).

It can be a slidedeck winner.

So imagine my reaction when I see McDonalds use the tactic.

Here’s a close-up of the meat from my above photo, taken under the glamour of a damp Autumnal suburban English railway bridge;

I long grew out of visiting their “restaurants”. For all manner of reasons that feel fairly widely shared across civilisation. Although I do allow myself the occasional treat from the mushrooming gourmet burger and chips boutiques. I still talk of an incredible find off Whanganui main street at the turn of the century, the scene’s explosion throughout New York in the Noughties and swap notes on the new must-visit places from London to Cape Town and all in between with friends still today.

So Big Fastfood have quite a marketing challenge. Just like Big Tobacco, I hear you scream… How they try and hook new users is no doubt the stuff of advertising textbooks.

Yet there’s plenty of joy to be had from a slide along autocomplete lines.

One of my staples being to start writing the most obvious beginning to the problem you resolve and see your product/brand name appear among the options, sticking out among more natural lexicographical searchbot suggestions.

I’m compelled to help ensure you actually check for what Big Tech AI might actually propose for your idea. Here below is the real google returns from the day I took the above pic.

Not a sandwiched patty vendor in sight. Though thankfully for the protectors of the Golden Arches nor was there anything frighteningly inappropriate.

For an extra idea, I also note that after I screengrabbed this, I went back and did it again. Only this time, the first two results at the top of the box were in purple and in bold type. They seemed to come from my browsing history. Making perhaps yet another angle you can slant into your own slide.

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