When you don't care about customers

More rummaging through old papers over my New Year break and I came across a reply to a complaint letter I received 12 September 2002 from PCWorld owners Dixons Stores Group.  The background is that I (at that time) bought all my firm’s computer gear from their stores.  I told them this, as it amounted to thousands of pounds a year.  One transaction went pear-shaped, and never got fully resolved.  Here’s the two killer paragraphs that a Shirley Cook – Customer Service Advisor wrote me, which meant that I’ve never bought anything from DSG or PCWorld since, amounting to even more of those thousands of pounds…

“I was concerned to read that your visit to three of our stores was not a pleasant experience and you felt you had to write to our department….

Whilst I appreciate the frustration caused, it is not possible to put a monetary value on inconvenience and I regret that I am unable to consider compensation on this occasion.”


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